About Us

Out of Sight Shredding is a social enterprise specializing in secure document destruction. Providing businesses and individuals with outstanding services, our security-based technique eliminates worry, and proves cost-effective and efficient. Our expertise and knowledge ensure the security of your highly sensitive documents, which are handled with the utmost attention throughout the process.



How Does Out of Sight Shredding Work
The destruction of sensitive documents requires training, knowledge, and security. From the point at which information leaves your hands to the moment destroyed documents are securely disposed of, we recognize the need for efficient service. With years of knowledge and proven performance, we understand the nature and necessity of effective management.
Out of Sight Shredding provides a full service, fully accredited method that is affordable, efficient, effective, and simple. We take the guesswork out of disposing of your secure documents.

Our method allows you to house private documents at your location in locked containers that only we can access. From the moment your materials are retrieved, they are transported in locked containers inside our secure transport vehicle to our state-of-the-art facility where they are shredded within 48 hours. Upon shredding, the material is environmentally pulp recycled through a reliable pulping process.

More on the Process
Our large facility uses advanced technology to ensure your documents are destroyed in accordance to governmental policies. The process we follow not only ensures regulation and compliance, but enables us to function above industry standards. Our facility features key entry only for those with access, 24-hour infrared camera surveillance inside and outside the building, alarm system, and motion detectors, which secure the entire facility.

Employees at our facility are trained according to mandated guidelines, further ensuring the safety and security of your sensitive information. Our skilled and well-trained staff works diligently to process your documents within 48 hours of retrieval. Employees are also mandated to work under tight security constraints. Each employee has a thorough background check and drug screening.

Our of Sight Shredding even offers your employees one-on-one training in the various laws and subsequent security so that you can be certain your documents have been secured at all points. We have developed a free training program that will provide your employees understanding of regulations that include HIPPA, FACTA, and Red Flag Rules as well as other requirements for the storage and disposal of sensitive documents.

Not only do we offer full service strip and cross cut shredding, but we combine shedding materials so that reconstruction is virtually impossible. Pulp recycling is the last step of the shredding process, further ensuring absolute security.

Our operation is convenient and we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service. The variety of options available, along with our accommodating timeframe, ensures a valuable experience.

Out of Sight Shredding is your local source for fully-trained, completely secure, and professional shredding services.

Our Credentials
We comply with AbilityOne standards for employment. We are a member agency of NAID and are currently a member agency of NISH and PIBH.

The Blind Association has strong ties to the local community – serving Butler and Armstrong counties for over 70 years. We are proud to offer our professional document destruction service to the community we serve while helping blind and visually impaired individuals secure gainful employment.

For more about The Blind Association and its services, visit www.theblindassociation.org