Why Shred?

Why Should I Shred?
We understand that companies have a legal and moral responsibility to safeguard private and proprietary information. Should secure documents fall into the wrong hands, identifying information can be used in ways that compromise identity and could potentially endanger clients, patients, and organizations. Federal legislation states that many industries comply with a method for having sensitive documents destroyed in a fashion that eliminates such a threat.

Small and large organizations alike are held to strict standards when it comes to the security of consumer information. Companies are routinely audited and held accountable should customer security be at-risk. The financial and legal liabilities can send an organization into bankruptcy. You can stop security breaches before they happen by having your sensitive documents shredded by a reputable company.

Out of Sight Shredding adheres to strict operational procedures geared toward safety. Taking care of your sensitive documents is our job, leaving you free to focus on yours. When you add up the time it would take for one of your employees to compile all of your company’s sensitive documents and keep them housed securely before shredding, you’ve already got a part-time position. Now add the hours it would take to shred all of these documents on a standard office paper shredder and you’ve lost time and money. And without proper training of how these documents should be handled after shredding, you could also have security breaches, which could end up costing your company a lot more.

“We process in minutes what a typical office shredder can process in eight hours.”

Our shredding services provide secure, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to a number of industries with needs including the destruction of such documents as:

Medical records
Marketing strategies
Financial statements
Bank records
Classified files
Client and patient records
Personnel records
Payroll records
Government documents
Police files
Blue prints
Outdated/inactive files
Not an industry? Need one-time shredding service? We can handle that too. We provide services for individuals or small companies as well.

Shredding is the Right Thing To Do
In addition to federal laws requiring secure disposal of confidential or identifying records, there is also national and state legislation regarding identity theft. Numerous organizations have faced this crisis and subsequently, have lost clients due to the theft of personal information. The cost of identity theft to an individual can be devastating. The cost to an organization that has mishandled information resulting in identity theft can be bankrupting.
With the services provided by Out of Sight shredding, security is guaranteed because the safety of your clients and your organization is paramount.

Who shreds?
Financial Organizations
Healthcare Organizations
Legal Offices
Government Offices
Small Businesses

Environmental responsibility belongs to each of us. Your organization can be a model for employees, clients, and the community-at-large by setting an example with eco-thinking. Entrusting your sensitive documents to us provides us with the opportunity to partner with you in reducing waste, lessening deforestation, and reducing pollution. We care about our local partnerships. We pride ourselves on sustainability and it is a key to our success. Our equipment is all specially manufactured by a Pennsylvania company – Allegheny Shredders – to meet our exacting destruction standards.

Out of Sight shredding encourages you to think responsibly and act locally.

Our capabilities keep your budget on track, no matter the size of your shredding job. Out of Sight Shredding offers up-front prices with no hidden fees. You can base your company’s shredding budget for the entire year on our up-front prices.

“Factoring in employee wages, disposal, and maintenance, Out of Sight Shredding services are 40-60% less expensive than in-house shredding.”

How Do I Get Started
Out of Sight shredding offers unique and tailored services to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. Our locked security consoles and bins, in a range of sizes, are placed in your location FREE of charge. According to your needs, our operators routinely maintain bins for you and with straight-forward pricing.

Our dedicated team has the capability to respond immediately to your needs. Call or email us for a free quote and to hear more about our services. We will partner with you to make sure you receive the services you require.

Need More Proof
Not only is Out Of Sight Shredding a responsible and reliable source for all of your shredding needs, we also provide a source of sustainability for our local economy. As a social enterprise of the Blind Association of Butler and Armstrong Counties, we function as a unique employment training program for blind, visually impaired, and physically and mentally handicapped individuals. Out of Sight Shredding is designed to generate self-sustaining income and all profits are reinvested into the many programs and services that The Blind Association operates in the community. When you choose us for your document destruction service needs, you can rest assured that you are in the right hands.

Out of Sight Shredding enables you to comply with government regulations, invest in your community, take a sound environmental stance, and contribute to the betterment of individuals with unique needs.