Shred Everything

Out of Sight Shredding recommends a comprehensive “Shred Everything” policy to all of our clients.  Unfortunately, it is often difficult even for veteran employees to distinguish sensitive information on documents.  If employees have to take time from their regular duties to use an office shredder, they’re much more likely to toss piles of files into the trash when no one is looking.  As a result, your company’s valuable information could be easily stolen and you may face serious fines from the government and even lawsuits from your clients.  The best way to avoid this situation and reduce your liability is to direct employees assume that all paperwork is sensitive and to shred everything!

So how do you implement an effective “Shred Everything” policy in your workplace?  Make it simple!

Using Out of Sight Shredding’s Secure Console service, disposing of sensitive documents is as easy as throwing them away, and it doesn’t require employees to waste their time with messy office shredders.  With Secure Consoles stationed throughout your office, your employees will quickly learn to dispose of everything – from client files to sticky notes – in a safe and secure manner.  Whatever business you are in, this process will make you compliant with a wide range of laws and regulations and substantially reduce your financial liability in the event of a data breach.

Best of all, you can implement a “Shred Everything” policy for as low as $30 per month.  Contact us today to get a quote customized for your business!